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Graphical Tutorial to Set Up Argus

How to set up LORD with SBBS using Netfoss

How to Set Up Synchronet for Fidonet using Radius as the mailer.

How to Set Up Renegade BBS With Netfoss and WinXP

Synchronet, DOSEMU, Doors and Linux How-To

How to set up Lunatic and Synchronet using Netfoss

How to add custom message headers to Synchronet

How-to set up Tribbs to get Fidonet

How-to Set up EleBBS under Linux

How to replace the message reading prompt in SBBS

Change the Default User Setting Screen in SBBS

 How to block Hackers on Synchronet

Links not hosted here:

Mystic Guy over at YouTube has some really awesome how-to videos for Mystic BBS

How to set up a BBS server on Linux

How to set up a dedicated game server

Synchronet How-To pages

How to set up Renegade BBS in Ubuntu

How to set up Proboard using Gamesrv

Setting up Proboard with Net2BBS

How to set up EleBBS with Frontdoor/DOS

Running BBS Door Games on Windows 10

SyncTerm RiP setup tutorial

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  1. I’ve been reading your “how to” posts for a long time, particularly the Radius setup which I’ve used for VADV bbs over the years. I am playing with Synch right now as I have been for about ten years and will probably use this as my primary medium as I like the integrity of Synchronet and the community. As I am tweaking away at making it less stock, I came upon Pharcydes lightbar menus and wondered how to do this. It is easier in mystic due to the option to do this in the door menu configuration yet Synchronet is another issue. Do you know of or have you seen any documentation of lightbar menus for Synchronet, or is it java script based? Also, I noticed your Radius tutorial pictures are gone, just the text exists. I believe this tutorial exits elsewhere however.

    1. Yeah, the tutorial does exist in a couple of different places. I wanted to make sure I have as many up as I occasionally come across as my site has been up for 17 years and I don’t plan on taking it down anytime soon.

      I will have to go find and re-download the pics though. I had to recreate a good part of my stuff from backups about a year and a half ago and haven’t replaced the pics yet.

      As far as synchronet I’ve seen a couple of boards that use lightbars. I’ll take a look around and see about posting some links.

  2. I have set up IREX with Synchronet for Fido and would like to add another FTN network like WWIVnet. Mark Hoffman at Weatherstation BBS is the NC for WWIVnet and I have a node number. Is there anything out there that illustrates this for Synch? I have the echos set up and the AKAs in the mailer but the pathways are still a bit of a mystery for me. I would say I’m about 2/3 the way through the setup and missing something.

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