Some Things I Just Can’t Share on Facebook…

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Elizabeth Taylor R.I.P 1932-2011

Rolling In The Deep

Rest In Peace Jerry Reed

That good old boy Jerry Reed has died from complications from emphysema at the age of 71. Anyone whoe gre up in the seventies will remember Reed from Smokey and the Bandit as well as other films later on. He and Kris Kristofferson sort of paved the way for country music stars to get into…Read more

Half-Blood Prince Delayed Until 2009

I was just watching the trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince a couple of days ago when I ran across a story this evening that said that the release would be moved from November of this year until July of 2009 due to the writer’s strike. That sort of sucks. I enjoyed the…Read more

Stephen King’s “N.”

I am a pretty big horror fan and Stephen King is one of my favorites. I received the link to the animated episodes of “N” based on the short story which will be released in November in a new collection. A new episode is being released each day (a total of 25 ) so check…Read more

The Dark Knight

Originally I was thinking about taking the eldest daughter to Six Flags today but the wife has to leave fairly early to go see the Braves play tonight. Maybe we will go on my day off next week. I think that she and I are going to see the new Batman movie today. I’ll have…Read more

Oldies But Goodies…

One of the things I inherited from my father is a love for 50’s and 60’s rock and roll. Everything from the Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly to the Animals and the Zombies. The wife tunes out most of it, disliking anything prior to the ’70s but she puts up with it. After having read…Read more


I love a good horror movie. No. really. I love them. Anything from the genre will suit me, from Hitchcock to King, even the old monster movies with Karloff and Price. It seems as if my oldest daughter has inherited the love of horror from me as well and although I enjoy watching the films…Read more

Judas Priest – Nostradamus

Priest has got a new album out entitled Nostradamus. The title track is pretty good. The beginning of it sounds like something from the days of Stained Class or Sin After Sin and the rest of the song reminds me of the Ram it Down album. If the rest of the double album due out…Read more