It was a very long day at work. I’ve been back in ops for several weeks and still trying to get used to it. It is a very different world in the restaurants than it was working in the IT department. I had almost forgotten how URGENT everything is. You have to cram 15 hours of work into 9 or 10, go home, and start again. There is always something that needs to be done. Basically just have to get the big stuff first and worry about little stuff when there is free time.
On another note, I think I am going to try and create another skin suite. It has been a couple of years since I have done any skinning, so not even sure what I want it to look like. I may post screenshots here as it develops.

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  • Well, at least you had it right on the “Leave a Comment” section when you said “This garbage spewed by Richard”. I love these kind of sites that can talk down about someone that cannot talk back. If you had met Cody (even for a few minutes) you would never have printed this “garbage”. Cody is a person that gives his all to his community, family, and friends. If you knew anything about his “ex” and how much he loves his kids you would have just shut your mouth, never printed this, and let the court system handle it. Not you and everyone else trying to make him out to be some common low-life. Lord knows that we have enough of them around here. Good luck Cody. You have a huge following that cares about you and are behind you.

  • Cody may be the greatest thing since sliced bread but the fact is that he tried to have his wife killed. That’s not something a “great guy” does no matter how many snakes his ex may have in her head. I also certainly don’t think that Cody is a “common low-life”. As a matter of fact I think he is an exceptionally stupid fucking low-life thug who wanted rid of his ex-wife and couldn’t be bothered to let the court system handle it.

  • I do want to say one more thing though. As much distaste as I have for Cody Harp for what he did that doesn’t belittle the fact that firefighters rock. They put their lives on the line for us and each other every day and I’m sure that at work Cody was no different, otherwise he wouldn’t still be doing it.
    It may be the result of a really really bad decision but unfortunately those decisions can take you down a road you don’t want to go on.

  • So “codys friend” up there is an idiot. Cody loves his children? Oh? Well I love my kids and my ex is a serious pain in the ass. Having said that I think its important to point out that my love (the good stuff, the real stuff) for my children far overshadows the disdain I have for my ex. The amount of pain and anguish that would be brought into their lives if their other parent was killed/murdered and the hole that would be left would be than I can could stand to see them endure. If it were also my fault, by my hand, planned and then brought to fruition THROUGH me would slowly kill my soul, but then again, I have one. Not always the case it seems. You’re support and faith is admirable but why don’t you place it somewhere deserved…. an animal shelter perhaps, or a battered spouse/children shelter. Point blank… Just because he no longer “loved” his ex or wanted to spout off all that retarded shit he ended up posting in his “myspace moods” about the mother of his children does not mean that she no longer is allowed to share the face of the earth with him. I don’t know who he thinks he is to say whether or not someone gets to retain their life, and I don’t know who you think you are to back him.

  • I think that codys friend at the top is just as stupid as he is. Really you mean to tell me that you are taking up for what he did. What a dumb ass. I know his ex wife and she may have a little screws loose but that dont mean you have to try to have her killed. We are women…we all have a couple of screws loose. Fuck Cody Harp that was chicken shit what he did!!!!!!

  • Well apparently you all need to do your research a little better. If you knew the case a little better you would know that his exwife is a crack head, all of her friends crack heads, and sorry to tell you dee your probably a crackhead right along with her. Im not saying what cody did was right, it was wrong, and he should pay for his mistakes, but I would love to see the kinda of pasts that you all are hiding. For all we know Sinamin could be a child molester, hell the reason richard probably started this site is he had his own little run in with the law, and since you already said that this was just your past time, tell me what was your cellmates name. Maybe before your keep posting shit that isnt true you should finish your research and find out more about the case and not just put random shit on webpages because you have nothing better to do, hell I’ll even help you out his wifes name is Tish Harp start you search there.

  • You must be a friend of Cody since you don’t have any real info to share other than blind defensiveness. That’s cool. We all want to defend our friends and family. At least you know that what he did was wrong.
    As far as his wife’s name, I know all about Tish, found her MySpace as well as his girlfriend’s about three minutes after his. I’m just not in the habit of posting a victim’s personal page link or info unless they are deceased. She may or may not be a dope fiend, but that’s neither her nor there as far as this post is concerned.
    Which part of the info that’s posted is untrue? The part where he tried to hire an undercover FBI agent to kill his wife? Pretty hard to defend that considering they have proof. The fact that he is in a custody battle? That’s documented as well. Having reread what I posted, I don’t find anything in there that might be untrue. Let’s review…
    1. He’s a firefighter.
    2. He was trying to get custody of his kids.
    3. He has a girlfriend who thinks the sun and moon sets on him. I don’t have the link to her page anymore because it was irrelevant and I probably couldn’t find it anymore if I tried.
    4. He tried to hire someone to have his wife killed.
    I guess that’s about it. I still can’t find any untruths there, perhaps you would be so kind as to point them out. At least when I post something akin to name calling there is a bit of accuracy to it, unlike your pointless angry drivel.

  • Just to let you know I am not CRACK HEAD and never have been!!!! What my husband did was wrong and I would have never done that to him. My boys are my world and this is hurting them. Instead of him getting ride of me he just took his own self out of the picture. I have never in my life tried to keep my boys from him or ever would have. You can say what you want to about me. My true friends and family know the truth. and what has been going on the last year.

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