Security system

Just finished putting in a security system and interfacing it with my Homeseer system. Seems to work pretty well. Not monitored of course, but it’s enough to scare away kids anyhow.

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  • Gotta say, this guy is a total whack job. I would really like to see these so called pictures of Caylee he’s got. After all if it had been some guy wouldn’t Casey have immediately blamed him instead of some made up nanny? That just doesn’t make sense, especially since the defense proved there was no nanny themselves and she’s STILL sticking to that story. Also wouldn’t a boyfriend show up at some of those parties she was attending while her baby was missing? Or wouldn’t she have mentioned something to someone about it? He has to be fishing for some sort of plea deal.
    The defense is pointing to the fact that TexasEquuSearch didn’t originally find the body when they looked in that area. I have suspected since this trial started that someone was moving the body. Which is why it wasn’t found so close to home. I suspect it’s her brother. But hey what do I know?

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