Song of Susannah

Finished it when I got home this afternoon. Damn, ready for the last one and it is not due until September. That just sucks. Guess I will have to read the whole series as well as related books a couple of weeks before it is released. Very good book.

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  • “BuggY” for Socialized Medicine: NoT

    G’head, Let the Government continue to exceed its charter of protecting it’s citizens by abusing their taxing power to “rob from Peter to help poor little lazy Paul”.

  • Cindy McCain Topless

    Apparently, John McCain made a joke about entering his wife in a beauty contest, and he’s taking heat because the contest is topless. This has led to an avalanche of web searches for cindy mccain topless. As part of our…

  • The Republican revolt is on! And it’s a great thing too!

    Yes, I admit, it is a stunt.  But it is a brilliant one.  Here is the situation:
    Last week the House adjourned for the 5 week summer break.  Republicans were trying to force a vote on the oil drilling issue and on energy in gen…

  • Band Name Contest

    As most readers know, one of hubby’s hobbies is playing music, he plays the bass guitar. He’s in the process of getting a new band together and if everything works out, they will need a name for the group. I had no idea it was so hard to find a name …

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    Ralph Nader has a two-minute hate on for Obama.
    Nader made his comments at a breakfast with reporters in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor. It was not the first time that the perennial presidential candidate has been critical…

  • Sailor Moon All Over Again

    Ever since I first saw Barack Obama’s web site, an alarm has been going off in my head: I know I’ve seen it all somewhere before. Then earlier today, Bruce and Nate were discussing anime cartoons, and suddenly I knew…

  • America Ain’t What It Used To Be

    Podcast Show Notes 
    The Truth in Obama’s Statement to a girl in Indiana.
    Obama fatigue: let’s chalk it up to the long campaign. (Hat Tip: Reformed Chicks Babbling.)
    The Republican battle against Nancy Pelosi’s irresponsible summer r…

  • Be Proud America, Be Ever So Proud

    The country that admits to engaging in water boarding, that has admitted to using napalm like substances in its’ war, that has killed prisoners during interrogations, that has kidnapped people and spirited them off to secret prisons, that is resp…

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