Reinstalled the latest version of iTunes, and it worked without a hitch. Once I get paid I will have to buy a song or two and see if that is working as well. The only thing that I don’t like is that it renamed all of my stuff. I keep everything organized by artist/album/ in directories, which it did not mess with, but I like my songs named as track #_track name_artist_album. It renamed everything to just the song name, and inserted the id3 tags, which was ok. It did convert most of my wmas to mp3, which was fine. Most of the stuff that I ripped from cassette and LP were in wma format, I had not had time to convert them to mp3 yet. Will try it for awhile before I make my final decision. I still lean towards winamp or media player right now as my main player.

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  • This is just the media’s view on what happened. Supposedly, the 17 old was racing down the highway and the 39 year old was trying to get out of his way. That to me… seems more believable. You people will believe anything you hear, won’t you?

  • Do you have some type of verification as to that, like links? I can certainly understand if that was the case and you are right, it does seem more believable. I would like to think that people take care of their children but the facts show a lot of them are too darned stupid or just don’t care.
    I haven’t done a search or any other research since I first posted this but maybe I should. Thanks for letting me know about it.
    Who exactly is ‘you people’ anyway?

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