Multimedia crap

I’ve used iTunes to purchase a couple of songs (actually a few days ago), and it is working very well. Think I may stick with it.
On the HTPC stuff, something is wrong with my damn server, not sure what is up with it, but I cannot even get it to boot right now. Fuck.

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  • War in the Other Georgia

    Occasionally Bruce and I will watch TV shows from the Seventies, and periodically a child on one of these TV shows will ask an adult why we have wars, and the adult will talk around it like there’s some huge…

  • We Say No To China!

    From a personal perspective the Olympics might just as well be on Uranus.
    The BengalBrats and I are personally boycotting them.
    Yes that’s right. We are ignoring, boycotting the glorious 35 billion dollar Chinese Olympics.
    The IOC itself negotiated a…

  • News & Opinion Roundup (11 Aug 2008)

    Unless you’ve been locked in a closet for the past few days you know that Russia has attacked one of its neighbors.  Personally I have a bad feeling about this one.
    NBC: Nothing But Communism
    How to Get the World To Hate Israel
    The Sheehag vs….

  • The soldier at Ft. Sill will get his laptop tomorrow

    Thank you all and a special thanks to the individual who found it in their heart to be so generous to this young soldier so he can be in touch with his family while he’s deployed.

  • Bolivian marxist Morales wins on Obama’s platform for “change”

    Well it’s nice to know that there are anti-communists in other countries that have candidates who run on the empty promises of “change”.

  • On Pelosi: Know your eco-cronies

    And follow the money
    Nancy Pelosi Invests In Energy Scheme and Water Grab By T. Boone Pickens including the actual financial disclosure form
    According to Michigan Taxes Too Much blog, Madam Speaker has a substantial amount of money invested in Clean En…

  • Open Topic: Russia vs. Georgia

    Admittedly, I’ve been so focused on new semester preparation that I really haven’t had time to keep up with this rapidly developing crisis. But since I don’t want it to slip by, I thought I’d give you some of the

  • Is Obama the Answer?

    Podcast Show Notes
    America faces serious problems. Is Obama the answer?
    American allies are under attack in the Republic of Georgia, would Obama solve the problem by having a nice relationship with Putin?
    Will Obama boost the stock market 1,000 points…

  • Could the Dems Face a Brokered Convention?

    What keeps Barack Obama up nights? Is it the news reporting about Rev Wright or his wife’s comments on America? Is it shady real estate deals or his lack of a resume’? Is it the conspiracy to connect him to Islam? Or is it about some so…

  • News & Opinion Roundup (12 Aug 08) #dontGo Edition

    News of the day…
    Read these three articles to get an interesting perspective as to why Pelosi and crew are blocking any movement on domestic energy production.  Its not because the left cares about the environment, they care about protecting th…

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