Just set my PC up to record the closing ceremonies Sunday night. Will have to set up a couple more recordings for today to make sure that it is working properly though.

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  • Perfect catch for wordless! My WW entry is up hope you can drop by and I am asking for your help…. I was nominated for pinoyworld blog of the week, located at my sidebar… Hope you can vote also for me… Thanks a lot! Happy WW!

  • the gratitude campaign

    …or ‘how to thank a hero’; via an email from my oldest brother Curt. Thanks Curt!For the past several years as I’ve been traveling around the country, I’ve been approaching Soldiers in airports and…

  • 9.5 On Weird-O-Meter

    Well, it seems that they also have an interior minister who claimed to have an honorary degree from Oxford. Oxford called him on it. So, what did this brainiac do? He pulled out the degree and showed the world. Saying that it had spelling and grammat…

  • Flight 93 Memorial Blogburst: Memorial Project LIES about receiving THREATS!

    Imagine if one of the passengers on Flight 93 was told that if they did not retake the airplane, they would be killed when the terrorists flew the airplane into a building. If the passenger was Joanne Hanley, she would say: “Stop threatening me!&…

  • Barack Obama and pro-life voters?

    There’s been talk lately that the Democrat party may be more open to those who are pro-life, even to the point of having a pro-life Catholic Democrat possibly speak at the convention. Barack Obama has even met with pro-life groups …

  • News & Opinion Roundup (14 Aug 08)

    Letters to Putin from Bush, McCain and Obamatard addresssing the Russo-Georgian conflict.  I got a good chuckle from them.  McCain’s is the best.

  • Like most of Obama’s plans, nothing is free.

    Case in point:
    “I got a call that if I want the tickets I have to volunteer two shifts of three hours apiece — for one ticket. If I want two tickets, then it’s four shifts of two hours apiece,” said Berenice Christensen.
    Another 7NEWS viewer se…

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