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  • Thanks for the update Lia. Just got home and found your comment. I’ve updated the story. Very sad and it looks like it is going to be considered accidental (so I am assuming)

  • its a tragity… (current 11th grade student at kp)
    it didnt seem like something like this could happen

  • I did my share of drinking when I was in school (and occasionally now) and it’s all too easy to get too messed up and wander off into some bad shit. I can’t get all hypocritical and say ‘don’t drink till you are 21’ because I think that is crap but I can tell you to please be careful and pace yourself.

  • i go to canton high school and her mom just spoke at my school an hour ago, saddest story i’ve ever heard. my friend john cline goes to KP and was friends with her. its horrible.

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