Me dammit

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Stephanie took this of me over behind the French Market. Was off the beaten
path, and kind of quiet. Big-ass elephant ear.

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  • You forgot the most ironic sentance on his MYSPACE….The part about the girl he would like to meet: “A person who enjoys life”.
    What a tragedy…

  • I feel very sorry for her family and his child. his child is the sweetest thing and I hope deosn’t end up like him. I am glad to sya that the charges are now back to first degree murder and it’s on to the grand jury.

  • How do you know that he has a child? How old?
    I am a friend of Gini’s sister and am interested to know what his family is like.

  • His child has only met him once or twice from what I am aware of. I know the mother well. I really don’t know much about his (Mark’s) family and don’t really care to. His child is aware of what he did but I don’t think his child fully understands. All I know for sure is that the mother’s family had known his family for quiet a while and that they never particularily liked Mark. I believe someone worked with one of his relatives.

  • Well it is a very sad, tragic situtation for Gini’s family and I am certain it is painful for his family as well. Some of the information that they have been given paint him as quite a monster to have physically done this to such a beautiful (inside as well as outside) girl. I wonder if either family will ever have peace from such a horrific act.

  • Have there been any updates on the case? I know it went to the grand jury in February but haven’t seen or heard anything since.

  • He knew what to say to people to make them think he was a very nice person. But it didnt take me long to figure he had an anger problem with lots of issues in his closet. I give my deepest symphathy to her family.

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