The Internet is Shit

Very much so. The net is a very nice luxury in my life, but that is all it is, a luxury.

The internet is shit

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  • What happened to innocent til proven guilty? Three sides to every story!!!!!!! The DEVIL is a Liar!!

  • AS I SAID THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the court of law will prove it.

  • So you think its okay to post someone like this, with what could very well be false and un-truth statements. Huh. Hope no one ever accuses you of anything Richard. (Mr. Garbage Man)

  • Except for the headline itself (which might be a bit harsh) everything else is a matter of police record. Obviously the entire thing might very well be false and Anderson innocent but considering that here we are two days later and he’s still in jail with no bond they obviously think they have a pretty good case. I am assuming (and could be dead wrong) that they gave the woman a rape examination and have taken DNA from Joseph Anderson. It may be that they are just waiting on the results of that to exonerate him but somehow I doubt it. If it should then this post will go away but I must say that out of the last 18 months I’ve seen that happen one time.

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