So far, so good

We are having a pretty good time so far. Went to MGM yesterday. Between that and the drive Monday my ass is whooped. Going to the Magic Kingdom today. Stephanie and the kids let me know that it was open for resort guests until Midnight tonight. Fuck, I need to find someplace to buy cigarettes be ore I kill someone.

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  • I knew Bill about 5 years ago… He was a normal everyday guy. I was in the Army with him and his stories did sometimes seem a little out there but he never did anything to hurt anyone. He just told big stories. It just totally blew my mind when I saw him on the news. I worked right next to him everyday forever. I think he is at heart a good guy… He just needs some help. And he had a few problems at the end of his Army time and if the Army had addressed the problem then he may not be in the mess he is now. But you know the Army… Lets just get rid of him and sweep it under the rug and then say “No Comment” when anyone asks about him. Way to take care of your service members. They knew about the problem and did nothing so in my opinion they are part to blame.

  • I know Bill Jakob, as well. I also happen to know this guy lies about everything. I know he has cheated on his wife. I know he lies to everyone. He even lied to one of his mistresses saying he was getting a divorce from his wife. I feel so sorry for all the people that he lied to. I pray to God he pays for what he did and that he also gets some major mental help.

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