Black Friday Fun

Hope you all enjoyed shopping on Black Friday you stupid bunch of fucks. This is what happens when a bunch of damn fatass people charge into Wal-Mart at 5am. Catch a hint (sshhh…shop online)

SmitHappens- Wal-Mart Stampede Video!

Thanks to NSFW

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  • This story about Kristy is all wrong. Kristy called the cops immediately after the boys left. One of the thugs had been bragging to Kristy that he had a criminal record and if he was caught breaking the law one more time, he would go to prison. He said he had gun charges but still carried a gun. Well, this thug went into Kristy’s 11 year old son’s bedroom and unlocked the window and came out and locked the bedroom door behind him. The thugs then left and the thug jumped the fence and went into the little boy’s room and stole the xbox360 and a new laptop computer. The son of Kristy went to go in his room when they left but the door was locked so he got a butter knife and unlocked the door and found his stuff missing. Kristy immediately called the police and they sent the canine after him, but he lost the scent. The boy across the street from Kristy was the only one who had been in her house before. She said he was always following her around. The other boys had only been in twice and for a very short time each day. Kristy has a problem with taking pain pills to get high on. The boy across the street who plays football on the Haines City football team where his father is also one of the coaches was always giving Kristy oxycontin. The day this happened the boys were giving her pain pills and xanax. And of course Kristy with her pill problem was taking all they would give her. Kristy was in the Florida room in the back of the house, but the Florida room was visible from the living room and her son was watching her. If he ha seen even one of the boy’s touch his mother he would have attacted them. He unfortunately knew about his mother’s pill addiction and was afraid that someone would harm her so he never left her out of his sight. It was several weeks later, and Kristy had kept calling the detective about the burglary, that the detectives got to talk to all the boys. By then they had all their stories to match perfectly to keep the thug from being charged and sent to prison. And the charge of Kristy having oral sex is outrageous. Kristy detested oral sex. After the boys left the evening they were here, Kristy was found passed out in the Florida room from all the pills they gave her. Sure, Kristy set herself up for this by being friendly to all the neighbors, but she should not go to prison just because these boys set her up to keep their thug friend out of prison.

  • I think these boys should be held accountable for their actions. She was obviously taken advantage of. She has a pill problem and has been in and out of the hospital for attempted suicide, she is obviously not mentally competent. regardless of how pretty she is, she still can be demened by the state of fl as incompetent. i beleive she is mentally and emotionally handicapped. and these teenagers (which these days are more mature than in the past)should be ashamed of taking advantage of someone who is in that state of mind. I am not justifying it all but it seems like these boys were tryinf to take all eyes off them and make heer look guilty for something they instigated,
    I hope they reqd this, cause i doubt very seriously that anyone of them disliked what (if anything) went on.

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