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This is new. Very interesting.

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  • I can always count on you to keep me informed of the latest crime stories. Half of the stories I hear about here for the first time! And I just discovered your page dedicated to updates on Caylee, so I’ve been going backward to catch up on some of the details I wasn’t aware of.
    And I’m looking forward to your Palin post. I ended up really liking her. If we could skip McCain and go right to Palin, I could get over my Ron Paul quandary easier, I think.

  • That’s really messed up. I’d hate to be hanging around a friend and have that happen or to hear that this has happened to someone I know. It’s just kind of weird the things that happened. I’m just surprised that this kid wasn’t being taken care of in a mental facility before this happened… where were his parents?

  • Taken care of in a mental facility?! This fucker and homeless people like him should be euthanized as cheaply as possible. Puerto Rico … what a bunch of shits.

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