More LOST clues II

Another hint was left at, to a picture posted here

There is some discussion going on over at the ABC blog, personally I think that once you invert the colors, it says “I’m Next” in the dude’s hair.

The filename may also be significant, q9als2002.gif

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  • I don’t understand the reason behind appealing the indictment for Dunlap if Hilton is already serving a lift sentence. Is the goal that he only serves one life sentence (for Emerson) instead of two? It’s one thing to appeal a lone indictment to get away from jail time…but if he’s already in for life, why bother trying to avoid a second life sentence???

  • IIRC the Union County (Georgia) DA had to promise NOT to seek the death penalty in order to get Hilton to take police to Meredith Emerson’s body. The Florida authorities are under no such deal so they can seek the death penalty in trial. I guess to Hilton life in prison is preferable to being executed and any kind of appeals his lawyers can throw out just delay things further.

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