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It’s been kind of quiet around here the last couple of evenings. Christopher is working 2nd shifts lately, and Stephanie and the girls are at vacation bible school. (I am sure that there is some kind of oxymoron in the term Vacation Bible School, but I have to behave myself when speaking around the girls). I have had the time to actually post a bit and check out a few blogs.

Alas, but the nice evening has to end sometime. I have to go back to work in a few minutes and do cash and commisary audits and get all of my paperwork in order before I go on vacation. If I don’t do it now, I will never get the chance. It will be nigh upon the Fourth of July weekend before I get back to work, which is fairly busy for us, and my boss goes on vacation the 5th which means that I have to assume her duties. Hopefully there will be a manager trainee available that week to actually assume mine, or at least be a general ass in my store.

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  • Hmmmm..I’ve been a lazy dog all day today myself. My hubby will be home in a few hours…time to make my mad dash through out the house..spray some air freshner..straighten up this and that and fool the man into thinking I cleaned all day…

    An open bottle of Pine Sol fools him everytime šŸ™‚


  • Okay it’s working now – I watched it earlier and the Mistress’ teeth were the nicest ones (and quite frankly, the only ones that didn’t scare the hell outta me). It doesn’t surprise me that the spawn d’Elisson would be involved in such a production somehow…


  • It looks like Elisson inserted it in WYSIWIG mode instead of html. I think that works the same way as with blogger, or at least similar. I fixed it when I got on to check my email this evening.
    Only had a second, “see you” guys in a couple of days.


  • Not back yet…

    …but I will be this evening. Just relaxing and taking a bit of time to post before I come home and lock the keys back up for awhile. Something wrong with my damned archive links so that will be…


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