Making the drive…

…is not something I particularly wnat to do this morning, particularly by myself. I would just as soon stay in bed. Nothing to be done about it though, just need to get my ass moving. I should be there at some point around noon, so may have a little bit of time to look around before going to the service. I think that Zonker and Sam are already there, so I can always look them up once I get there.

Looks like the links to Rob’s Music HAVE been updated. It’s mirrored in several different locations in WMA and MP3. There is also a streaming link, as well as one in flash. I am listening to it for the first time right now. I downloaded it as soon as it was posted. but somehow it just sat there on my hard drive while I did other stuff. Not bad. He had a nice voice and playing was pretty good too. Almost got a little tear in my eye. Must have been dust or something 🙂

I am taking my camera, don’t know how much picture taking time I will get or if I will be able to even post them, but it would be nice to have pictures of some of the folks that I have been talking to, and about, for a couple of years now.

One more smoke and a cup of coffee and I need to get in the shower. If I don’t have a shower before I leave I will feel like shit for the rest of the day. That and there’s always the fact that nobody will want to stand next to me at the funeral.

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  • I was looking at their mugs and I’m pretty sure drugs were involved. The first hint you shouldn’t meet a 40-year-old and his friends for a cult initiation: He has a MySpace page.
    You do an awesome job digging up the dirt on these people. I don’t have the pages to find a MySpace page, much less a “Fubar” page whatever the hell that is.

  • Yeah, I kind of figure the same thing you mentioned at your site. Meth-fueled orgy.
    I ran across a site just by chance a while back that does some pretty awesome searches, Some of the results are off but it’s a damn site easier than some of them I’ve been on.
    Now if their was only a Peekyou for felony records…

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