For the most part I could really give a shit what my employees do on their time off. What they do at home is their business, not mine. That is pretty much my attitude about everybody, not just my employees. I do have a situation at work that is bothering me, and I am really unsure how I want to proceed.

I have recently hired a 16 year girl. She has been working as my hostess on the weekends, and now that school is out I had planned to start training her to wait tables and let her do that a couple of days a week. She is a sweet girl, lives with her grandparents, makes good grades, and is extremely shy. She also seems to have a fucked up sense of self-esteem, but that is her business as long as it doesn’t interfere with mine.

I also have a group of employees that live together. Most of them rent rooms from one of the others, and they all hang out in their spare time. There is also a fair share of drinking and drugging going on there. As I said before, I could really give a shit, as long as they show up and competently perform their jobs.

The dilemna is that this girl has started hanging out with these folks (three guys and two girls) and is in the beginning stages of dating one of them, who happens to be 23 or 24. Can you say “statutory rape” a couple of times? I really hate the fact that this girl is hanging out over there, and certainly don’t want my store to be considered as contributing to this sort of thing. I damn sure wouldn’t let my 17 year old son hang with the stupid fuckers. I have been considering for several days calling the girl’s grandmother to let her know exactly what is going on.

The only reason I hesitate is that I am afraid that the grandmother will tell her what I say, and WHO said it, and that it will get back to the employees (about 20% of my current staff). I like the fact that I don’t have to work doubles and third shifts, unlike a lot of managers. I strive to take care of my employees and keep them somewhat happy, because my lifestyle (being able to go home) is important to me.

Another option would be for me to tell the girl that I just don’t need her help anymore and shitcan her. That would at least remove her from being around these people (maybe).

Anyone have any suggestions?