Thanks to Lisa W for emailing me the link to this news story. Personally I prefer to just make my kids walk around the back yard carrying bricks 🙂 Save money and get in shape at the same time.

I’m sure it is a good idea and all, but I just can’t shake the notion that it is more of a parenting issue than anything else. The family was all in the car sometime this week, and I was making some smart-assed comment about mommy (any mommy) buying her kids three Big Macs, or whatever the fuck they want, instead of limiting them to what they actually need. I don’t feel that junk food is particularly bad for you, in moderation at least. So my wife chimes in, “Hey, how about a fat sandwich”. My three year old decided then and there that she WANTED a “Fat Sandwich”. Now I will never be able to go through the damned drive-through without first considering if I just want to order one.

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