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  • Shadow: I think she just got arrested again for breaking the conditions of her release. I will do some checking and let you know.

  • If I recall correctly she was arrested in 2008 (maybe early 2009?) for violating the conditions when she met with/had a private conversation with a 17-year-old girl. The judge felt that she had not violated the conditions of her release and dropped the matter. Nothing recent though as far as I know.

  • Why should she get a lesser sentence than a male teacher would? One of the conditions of her release is that she can’t have contact with children. She should just close her big yap and finish her sentence.

  • I agree with you. Unfortunately, women that commit sexual crimes aren’t given the same harsh penalties that men are given.
    She was already given home confinement, which a man would not have been given. She should just STFU and deal with it.

  • You are 100% right about the sentences. I usually stay pretty pissed off about that too. I must have been fucked in the head up the day I wrote this post. Don’t know what the hell got into me.

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