A good friend of mine has been involved in the eradication of these most foul creatures. He managed to send me some pictures of the last hunt that has recently taken place.

Apparently they all protected themselves with these:


As you can see below, the zombies not only do nothing to hide themselves, but they are basically advertising their location for unsuspecting goober smoochers.


During the attack someone managed to get a picture of the leader of these awful rectal penetrators, Cornolio Velocianus. Apparently they were attacking with the most widely available weapon to defeat the zombies. Chainsaws.


Be on the lookout for these guys. If you happen to be attending the blogmeet in Helen, keep a close eye on your poopshoot. Perhaps you might need one of the chastity belts worn above. At the very least stick a damn frying pan down your pants. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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