A new front end?

No, not for my wife, can’t afford that right now. For the PVR. Apparently TVedia supports all of the cool stuff that I have been doing, plus will play iTunes protected music. I will have to check it out when I get back from the blog-meet this weekend.

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  • If I were the Anthonys I would turn the
    water hose on the protesters, and media.
    this is just no way to treat people, under
    these conditions, they are already stressted
    from loosing their granddaughter.

  • I guess the thought of leaving the sidewalk and actually doing something just scares them. Hell, some of them even had camp chairs and stuff. A week or two ago I posted a video with George throwing some stuff off the cub that belonged to protesters. They had two chairs and a table with an umbrella. Guess those folks were there for the long haul. Assholes.