Not much on right now that I watch since the season finale of Deadwood was come and gone, but I enjoy Battlestar Galactica, and apparently they’ve got some stuff going on over at sci-fi to get ready for the new season. Thanks to Jeff for the heads up.

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    Its like the one protestor who said,how can you not love her…………we love that little girl,we fell in love with Caylee,wheres your love!
    I’d give anything to be there with them..i really would,and usually i’d never even think of doing that….. But somebody needs to wake these dumbasses up!! and i root for the protestors!!
    cindy said we would all have to apologize,well where the hells her apology to the people who came to her when she asked for help???
    cindy wrote on her myspace,……..this little girl gave me unconditional love without strings,
    EXCUSE ME,but wheres her unconditional love for Caylee,
    Well uhhh Caylee i miss you and loved you but if your mom ever kills you i’ll have to love her unconditionally………not you!! Sorry!!!!!!!!

  • I just don’t see that the protesters are doing anything but harm. I certainly get their feeling of involvement and wanting to do the right thing but protesting out front isn’t doing anything but harming the investigation. If they want to protest perhaps out in front of the sheriff’s office would be a better place.

  • Yes i know but the anthonys arent there,i disagree with the violence but if i could protest i would,I’m sure their reason is the same as mine.
    I would do it in hopes of getting the gp’s to look at things from where we are,ya know……thats why i agree!!
    OMG have you seen this??
    Gale St. John a thief??

  • All the protesting in the world isn’t going to change their view, only a dead body will do that unfortunately. The protesters just make the family circle the wagons. That’s a normal reaction when a group is threatened.
    Yeah, I have come across a couple of links about Gale. I mentioned it briefly yesterday or the day before and one of the guys that writes for a site that has been focusing on it sent me an email yesterday. Still not sure if I am going to post about it or not.

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