Today be the day…

…that ye be talking like pirates ye scurvy dogs. ARRRR! Tip of thee captains hat to Captain Jubeard for reminding ye bastards.

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  • Hmmm… he’s also suspected in the now famous case of Sommer Thompson…. he disgusts me!

  • Actually, no. He’s not a suspect which is one reason I haven’t updated the post yet.
    What DID happen however is that knowing Kellam is a sex offender from Florida, the Dougherty County DA forwarded his information to let them know about Kellam. Don’t get me wrong, he very well may be connected and if so I hope they fry the bastard, but calling someone a suspect and saying that he MIGHT be connected are two entirely different things. What’s happening here is that the media has run out of things to say about Somer and they have found another avenue to drag it out and get some more ratings.
    Most of the stories I’ve read on this say something slong the lines of “Kellam could have hopped right on I-75 and gotten to Orange Park in no time”. That’s not the case. Albany, Georgia and Orange Park, Florida are about three and a half hours apart. Not terribly far for someone like Kellam but it’s a bit of a stretch to talk about it as if he could have driven over, kidnapped and killed the girl and raced on home in no time.
    Now if they do somehow connect him to the case I’ll eat my hat. Murder just doesn’t seem to be his MO but anything is possible with these damned freaks.
    Right now the Clay County Sheriff’s Department has NO named persons of interest.

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