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Children of the Grave – Black Sabbath
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  • this case makes me so angry. 1) what is it telling america? you can kill someone and get away with it. 2) I thought you did not need a body to convict someone of murder?
    so much stuff in this case that just gets to me.
    1) if someone has caylee if mother casey was so worried wouldn’t she help lead cops to who ever has casey, knowing that her daughter is out there somewhere out there not being sure if she is eating, being misstreated, molested ,beat etc tht also goes for cindy worring about grandchild. now do i belive that so called nanny took her? not for one secound also i would say so called babysitter, i wouldnt use the word nanny, nanny has refences usually live in etc.
    2) did you ever see a case with a mising person where they do not search? usually family is out there searching woods along with neighbors volen, dogs. Cindy, casey ,brother, Casey father i have seen do nothing, except stickers on car, and blame other people for not following so called tips. that probley go to Cindy’s house since she left phone number on myspace page “shakinghead”.
    3) i’am starting to think that Casey’s father or cindy had something to do with Caylee going missing. if my child had a child i would have my childs back but that is a annocent child i will tell you right now if my child acted like casey i would say you deserve to stay in jail or you are not coming to live at my house. now would i love my child and be heartbroken yes but if you can do that to another human being you deserve what you get rased better than that.
    4) i would be ashamed if i was casey’s father he was law enforcment right? well then he is not stupid also if you become a police officer it is to serve and protect. even though he is not one anymore i have no respect for him, that goes for cindy a rn which gives her a lices to help save peoples lives.
    If i was that family i would stop the bs and denial and want to find caylee’s body she deserves to have a proper burial!
    I do not feel caylee is alive, i hope that poor little girl did not have to suffer and i hope they find the body soon she has been out there to long, i bet you she is not far from the home, she needs to be buried that poor girl.
    I pray they find her and only thing that i can think makes me happy is i belive in god and she is no pain and her soul will live on forever! oh and not in books and movies.
    forgot to say one more thing with casey’s past relations with guys and the look on her lawyers face umm i dont think we are all dumb but i think he is defently getting more from casey then just meetings.
    he should also be ashamed he doesnt care about welfare of a child or anything but himself, nice to uphold the law lol i bet his parents are so proud of him. pleaszzz.

  • While I do think that Casey Anthony is definitely guilty of something, quite possibly murder, I doubt very seriously that Jose Baez is “getting any”.
    It’s in attorney’s best interests, particularly in such a high profile case, for them not to get tangled up in their clients lives. As long as she doesn’t come out and admit to Baez that she is guilty then he can defend her to the utmost. Even if he knew she was guilty he would still be ethically bound to at least try and get her the least amount of time.
    It’s easy to dislike attorneys that represent reprehensible people like Casey Anthony but someone has to do it. What about the attorneys for Tim Masters who has spent the last ten years in prison? I’m sure that people called his lawyer(s) all kinds of names but they just did their job the best they knew how. Now everyone realizes he was wrongly convicted. Are the people that called them assholes going to ‘take it back’?

  • I see where you are coming from. Just hard to belive that that lawyer can have a smirk on his face, and stop all testing. You wonder sometimes if they really in good interest for society.
    did you see how casey’s dad is reacting to protesters? His anger is totally unnessaciary, specially for an ex cop, he is not stupid to what has happened and knowing there was body in car.
    I wish they would accept fact she might not be here with us anymore and she needs a proper reasting place, they should consider all options , if this poor well i know she is not with us. We need to find her body give her the respect she needs. I hope they find caylee’s body soon, give her that much of a restting place.

  • Yeah, I sincerely hope that her body is found soon. The whole deal down in Florida with the family and protesters is spiraling out of control. Hopefully once she goes to court later in the year for the fraud charges they can at least keep Casey in jail long enough to find Caylee and press murder charges. Without a body they could still press charges but if she were to get off they can’t try her again for the same crime once Caylee is located. The state is better off biding it’s time and waiting until then.

  • Sept 15th and Sept 16th.1:44 PM ET – Two security guards left the anthony home.
    1:42 PM ET – Jose leaving the house with bail bondsman and a man who works in his law firm. Cindy Anthony drives her car back into the garage.
    1:39 PM ET – Casey Anthony is home again. Garage door of home is open and the Dodge Ram is inside it. One of the security guards is standing in front of the garage. The other is smoking a cigarette in the grass next to the garage. Cindy anthony’s 4Runner is parked on the lawn. Two protesters are back out, yelling obscenities in the direction of the house and saying Casey should go back to jail.
    1:12 PM ET – Heading to Anthony home for her arrival
    1:05 PM ET – Casey Anthony is walking out with security guards dressed in all black and dark tinted sunglasses in front; Casey and Jose Baez behind them. This time they had a clear walk way since taped all the way down. In the past Casey has had her head buried in the back of Jose but this time she walked out much more confident head held high and sunglasses on.
    1 PM ET – Baez just arrived in red Dodge Ram truck and security behind him in a black PT Cruiser.
    12:44 PM ET – Local news helicopters are circling overhead in anticipation of Casey’s release.
    9:34 AM ET – Waiting outside jail for Casey to be released.
    9:22 AM ET – Very quick about a minute long. Bond set at $1,250. Casey can have no contact with the victim. State asked that she not be able to use any checks or credit cards but the judge denied that.
    9:05 AM ET – Baez about to speak outside court.
    9:02 AM ET – First appearance is now done
    9:00 AM ET – First appearance just started.
    8:59 AM ET – Still waiting for first appearance. All being done through video conferencing
    Monday – Sept. 15, 2008
    (From Natisha Lance, Nancy Grace Field Producer)
    2:23 PM ET – Just spoke to Deputy Carlos Padilla about Casey Anthony’s new charges. Three new charges: petty theft, uttering forged instrument and fraudulent use of personal I.D.
    1:40 PM ET – Jose Baez just arrived at the corrections administration building. Jail PIO Allen Moore just told media that Baez is here because Casey is turning herself in on some new charges. He will let us know when he finds out more.
    1:16 PM ET – Casey Anthony arrives for home confinement meeting driven by her brother Lee and an unidentified man.
    12:08 PM ET – Orange County Corrections Facility; awaiting the arrival of Casey Anthony to meet with her home confinement manager. Police officers put up caution tape between poles as a precaution to keep media a certain distance from Casey when she arrives. She can leave her house at 12:30 pm, but not before.

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