…and I actually have a couple of days off thank god…and not a fucking thing to post :>

I have to take the smallest one for an ear re-check in a few minutes, so she gets to spend my day off with me, which is a treat for both of us. She is currently watching Dora as I listen to the Pixies (Wave of Mutilation).

Perhaps I am the one who needs to go back to the doctor. I have been on antibiotics for about eight days now and can’t seem to shake this crap. My ears feel as if I just got off a plane and nasty stuff flows from all of my orifices. I DO feel better than I did this time last week, but really would like this to go away.

Looks like a few folks are getting together at the Vinings Inn for supper tomorrow night. Since I am off until Sunday morning I am going to have to head in to Atlanta (traffic and all) and have a bit of fun. Unfortunately I have to be up early Sunday, so won’t have too many libations while there. Yabu is coming, so I will bring my get-out-of-jail free card just in case.