Johnny Bravo kicks ass

“How ’bout YOU heal ME with your love, pretty mama”

Gotta get your pick up lines somewhere, why not Cartoon Network?

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  • Richard:
    I checked the post as you requested and there is one ad still showing up that reads ” Advertise with Six Part Media”. Also there is the icon for Google and some of the text in the post is white lined while some of the text is typed over with different text making it hard to read.
    Hope this helps you resolve your problems.

  • Yeah, I just checked from an older machine I was working with running IE 5 and another running IE6 (AT&T browser I think is based off of IE5). Neither of them display properly. The biggest issue is that they are both old browsers and just don’t support CSS and HTML properly.
    I’m still looking for a workaround but have as yet to find one.

  • Has anyone said anything about where Erins mom was in all this, Is she still aorund, was she notified? This whole thng just makes me sick to my stomach. I honestly think there should be new guideline for DSS. Because the ones we have in place right now are not working

  • As far as I know she is in Nevada and I honestly don’t know the reason why Erin wasn’t with her or someone else in the family and I haven’t pried into that matter either. Some of the family members were kind enough to comment here and email me early in the investigation and I’ve tried to leave them alone in their grief.
    They have arrested Lynn and Lindsey Maxwell for child endangerment and Alan Jones has been arrested and charged with 2nd-degree murder. w00t! I’ve updated it here.

  • It is completely understandable of why not to pry.. Again Woot!!! on the arrest. God Bless Little Erin and may she be safe now in Gods Hand… Thank you also Richard for all the post 🙂

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