Alien Ass Attack

My son turns 18 in January. Knowing how broke I am this year he has asked for a PC game, Alien Shooter: Vengeance, except that when he told me the name he said “Alien Shooter Colon Vengeance”. I about lost my cookies thinking about the alien ass munchers and where exactly they sell this game. Perhaps this is the sequel to Ass Fucking Zombies?

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  • If he was so innocent, why did he run away instead of trying to help this child find his parents?
    I know you shouldn’t judge a person by their looks, but he DOES look like a psychopath.
    SOOO glad this little boy is physically okay. Hopefully some day he will be able to put this incident behind him.

  • I tend to agree. According to some of the news reports I’ve come across he does have a history of psychological problems but the way I see it is that anyone who would abduct or harm a kid in any way is psycho. That shouldn’t relieve them of responsibility for their actions.

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