Remind me not to eat at Taco Hell…

…at least anytime soon. Maybe it’s just me but this seems to happen more and more the last couple of years, or perhaps it’s just that it is getting reported a bit more.

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  • I know, this is like apples and oranges, but fwiw, my Droid Maxx won’t power down either, but batter life is awesome… the battery is not removable. To get my Maxx to “act” like it’s powered off, I have to set it into “plane mode”… and yes, it will restart as well… maybe if you have an airplane mode on your watch, that’ll at least save some power… Good Luck!

    • Yeah, I’ve got a power saver mode. There is no airplane mode because that cuts off Bluetooth. You have to have bt to connect to the phone. Power saver helps a bit though.

      Anyhow, now that I have an extra qi charger I’m good to go for battery life.

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