New Years Resolutions

Normally we (I should I here) make resolutions every year, some to be kept, but most to be broken. This year I decided to lower the bar a bit and make sure that I had resolutions that I know I can keep, thus feeling better about myself this time next year. Thus, in no particular order, here they are.

1. Smoke more

2. Cuss more

3. Get fat

4. Make less money

5. Work more hours

Here’s to the new year and hoping that I can exceed my expectations over the coming months.

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  • First of all what does Khalfani’s brother Aaron Leach have to do with the Murder of Helena Hailey ! Khalfani is my older cousin ! I feel like you dnt need to put his whole life story on no internet site!

  • You are entitled to your opinion, as are we. I do believe that stating his step-brother was killed in a drive by shooting shows what kind of violence surrounds the family.

  • That’s pretty much exactly why I posted it. Unfortunately as much as we might try and escape our past it is what makes us the way we are and that goes double for murderers and rapists.

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