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That 1 Guy posted a Bluegrass version of Fad to Black this morning which I just came across. Very cool. Metallica’s music has been “translated” into many different music genres over the years and most of the time they come out sounding great. I like Metallica and used to be a huge fan of the group. Their best albums are the first three (arguably just the first two). I saw them for the first time on the Master of Puppets tour prior to the death of Cliff Burton. They opened for Ozzy Osbourne on July 30th 1986 at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum. Ozzy blew fucking goats, but Metallica kicked ass.

I’ve seen them several times since, but nothing compares to the first time. About ten of us road-tripped to the show, and we got to hang with the band as they were staying at the hotel next door to the Coliseum. Somewhere I have a few pictures but I couldn’t find them to scan. This one was taken after the show out in the parking lot. It pretty much shows my attitude toward everything at that time.

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