Grey’s Anatomony

I’ve been sucked in to another damn TV show. The wife has been watching it since last year, and I have caught bits and pieces of it over the last two weeks. The third part of three is on tonight tomorrow and I will probably get sucked into watching it as well.

Dinner is just about done. I’m just making a simple chicken and rice thing, the oldest girl has softball practice tonight, so we don’t want to wait too terribly long to eat. They have to leave in about 40 minutes.

I hate that my BeyondTV box is not connected to the TV now. It means that I have to record to my computer, but if it is over channel 100 I don’t get it and have to watch it in real time or miss it. The Sopranos should be starting again soon and I am a fan.

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  • Thanks for letting me know. I have actually posted a couple of updates and some other posts but apparently there are some issues that my web host thinks don’t exist,
    Hopefully something will get published here before the weekend is out 🙂

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