I don’t listen to this crap, but my wife has it for her ringback tone. I figured I would post it for her. I think perhaps it is about nap thirty, so I had to leave you with something useless.

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  • You know, I’m not a big pop fan (Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, etc). In fact, I tend to loathe everything associated with that ilk.

    But Justin Timberlake…geezus. Aside from the fact that he makes some really interesting (and good!) music, he’s just too hot. Honestly, there’s something about him that make women like me turn into screaming fangirls. It’s a little scary.

    Thanks for posting the video. You just made someone’s day. *coughs* 🙂

    P.S. You need to find his new video on YouTube for your wife. I think even you would like it.


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