Damned Internet Connection

This sucks. I am going to go down to my basement and completely reset my router and cable modem. I can sit here and write for awhile in between straightening up the house, but I have some stuff I need to do online that I promised to take care of today.

OK, I have reset everything. The modem seems to have provisioned itself and the router connected. Now it’s not even picking up an IP address from Charter. Damn, this sucks. Nothing in the log except where I tried to renew the IP address.

Oh well, I have other stuff to do anyway.

Jut checked again, it’s about 11:30 now and my internet is still down. fucking shit.

It only took four hours, but I am back online. Jeesh.

I don’t know about that shutdown day stuff.

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    As far as being innocent until proven guilty, that’s for a court of law and has nothing whatsoever to do with the media or myself. I can assume anything I want.

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