Apparently someone read my nasty post from yesterday morning about Sevenload because they stopped by and left this comment last night. Now that I am actually awake and have re-read the comment, I stand by my first post. Apparently if we don’t agree with them about Guantanamo Bay we are uneducated people. That’s a pretty heft portion of the U.S. Population.

Dear shadowscope,

we understand your concern that uneducated people might feel infuriated by what happened at Guantanamo. Let me assure you, though, that we do not feel we have a stance against America. We feel it is our duty to offer an unbiased access to topics that spring up in our community. In the wake of the Saddam execution video, the topic became part of the extended discussion on our site. We created a special to allow users to comment on both sides of the story. no more and no less than that. We only believe in a citizen’s web of open discussion. However, we have withdrawn the special as this discussion has now passed it’s prime and we are reflecting on a balanced way to lead that discussion. We cordially invite you to join in!

At least they had the nuts to stop by and comment. That’s more than I can say for a lot of people. They have also taken down the section that I was referring to. I will stop by the site this afternoon and give it a proper review and at least change the title of the prior post. I don’t need to stop by and look at anything, the comment they left tells me everything that I need to know. Apparently Sevenload has decided to take a political stance against the United States and thinks that bloggers like this are uneducated and not able to make decisions for ourselves unlike their surrender monkey selves, but then I guess we all have our opinions and like any other consumer, it is buyer beware. I vote with my feet, and my feet are carrying me back to Youtube

I see that Dave Berube also received the same comment from Sevenload that I did last night.

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