Eating My Words

There I was giving Eric a hard time about using up all of his bandwidth for the month and I get home and can’t get to my own site as I have reached my bandwidth limit. Damn that sucks.

They have fixed it for me within minutes of arriving home, but it is certainly humbling to look like a dumb ass.

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  • Deeply saddened at the death of a lovely college student, years after the fact, may I say it is terrible to further defame Ms.Sander by calling her a “porn model”? As I only saw nudes of her, with no actual acts of sexual expression, does she qualify as a Porn Star? I’d think not. Sensationalism is the problem here at the late Emily’s expense. Please correct me if I am wrong. God bless the family who no doubt suffered greatly at her death (let alone the ‘p-t work).

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