When we pulled out of Dallas the next morning we headed north into Oklahoma City and took I-40 west back into the panhandle and into New Mexico. We drove most of the day with just bathroom breaks and a couple of meals. We did get to Route 666 in western New Mexico that evening and had to stop and get our pictures taken under the highway sign. Since it was twilight and I had left my flash at home they are pretty shitty pictures. The only thing that shows up on one is the sign that says 666, and on the other my friend Chris’ body is there, but his head is a blur.

Driving through the Rockies was wild. We hadn’t had much sleep and quite a bit of the trip is a blur. We kept on driving through the night after that. At some point early the next morning we stopped at the Grand Canyon and slept for awhile in the car. We crossed the continental divide at some point either before or after our stop there. Except for a brief stay in Dallas we had driven two days straight. Once the sun came up we got out and looked around the Grand Canyon, took some pictures, and left.

After the Grand Canyon we drove straight to Las Vegas, or our only other overnight stay. We spent most of the afternoon and evening hanging out in Vegas. Since I wasn’t 21 we got thrown out of Caesar’s Palace 🙂 and ended up hanging out at the Holiday Inn which in Vegas is still a casino. If I remember correctly (it’s been 20+ years) it was some kind of circus theme, a little more family oriented than the rest.

Once again it is time to start getting ready for work. I think perhaps I will sit down this afternoon and try to remember the time-line better, because the entire trip at least out to Vegas is one big blur. It would help if I didn’t type these right after I wake up. Even if I don’t remember properly I will write more about the trip later. This is my Open Track-back post for the weekend of April 14th-16th.

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