Since the actions that I took concerning trackback and comment spam didn’t work, I am using a plugin called Spam Firewall to curb the spam load here. Actually the comments and captchas worked just fine, but I got too many complaints from people.

Renaming the trackback script worked for all of about 24 hours before it was back to business as usual.

I don’t know how well Spam Firewall is going to work with trackbacks and the open trackback alliance, so if there are any problems, please let me know. In theory it should be just fine, I know it does what it is supposed to but I am concerned that it will block legitimate trackbacks as well.

I am also using a plugin called Blog Janitor (how fitting after the last post) to close all comments and track-backs on entries that are over 45 days old. I still get the occasional comment on the Natalee Holloway posts, but that is just not worth the hassle.

Unfortunately I woke up about five o’ clock so I had to do something with my time before everyone else wakes up. I may try to hit the sack again for at least a couple of hours.