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I put together several of the posts for today first thing this morning, and scheduled posting seems to work OK except for the fact that when Movabletype publishes the post it doesn’t bother re-indexing the site and so the post doesn’t appear until I have done another one or someone comments on a previous post. Very weird.

Updated – OK, I just needed to add a cron job in my cpanel to run the periodic tasks. I’ve never done that so it was sort of weird.

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  • I am praying her dad took her, but it’s unlikely. I think we need a law stipulating that women with children that choose to be around predators must forfeit their parental rights. I am so fed up with these female birthing objects!

  • I also hope that her father took her but it seems unlikely to me as well right now.
    Maybe I’m just overprotective but who the hell lets their five-year-old run around an apartment complex unsupervised, and with no shoes or socks at that. My youngest i six and we will just now let her play outside in our yard without us being there and that’s if her 11-year-old sister is outside, or her friends. Even then if I can’t see or hear her I go looking.

  • My youngest child is 11, and I still don’t let them play outside by themselves. Maybe it’s a, “it can’t happen to me” belief. But, time and time again, its proved that it can happen to you.

  • I hope that this time I am posting the right place.. I am new to this site so.. bear with me.. a few years ago.. I entered one of those new ideas contests online, I believe it was sponsered by MSN and Visa.. I didn’t win, but a few years later.. a friend and I called the number listed on the John Walsh show and pitched to them the idea for this, which basically was a watch/necklace which could be worn by a child, and all they would have to do was press a button, in the event of an abduction.. Never heard back from them, and this was a few years ago, but my thought is.. since President Obama is giving free cell phones to those who cannot afford one for emergencies.. why not take it a step further, and give all kids the technology to halt a pedophile in his tracks with the press of a button! Make the technology that they use for this amber watch.. available to all kids.. with just one click, (I am not sure ecactly how theirs works) but with one click,.. the child could activate a gps system.. and let parents, and law enforcement… know that they are in trouble.. and track their whereabouts…. I am sure Mr Obama, if you want to give free phones to adults to use in case of emergencies, you also want children to have the same option… I know that I for one, would feel much safer, knowing that my kids had this option, should they run into one of the upteem sexual predators that the judical system for some reason, keeps letting out over and over again, knowing that there is no cure for their sickness, and that they will reoffend over and over again.. Come on!! Cell phones for the aldults… Alarms free for our kids!!!!!!!!
    Cassie cares………..

  • I was out searching for Nevaeh, I too thought the same about who lets there child outside alone. But, once you enter there, it is very safe. My conclusion is that it was someone who knew the Mom, Jennifer, and she mysteriously was running in and out the front door all day but never explained what she was doing when asked by her Mother. Next thing you know the little girl is gone? Yea, it was her low life fiends, but she is involved in one way or another.

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