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Of course since I live here I am a bit biased, but there are so many things to do in the United States on holiday. One of the places that have been to that I think any visitor to the United States should go see is New York. Right now you can get a flight to New York at a pretty decent price. Whether it is something as complicated as a two week vacation or simply a series of New York weekend breaks there is something right for you.

New York is the largest city in the entire United States. Just the city itself has a population of over 8 million people and that doesn’t count the metro and surrounding urban areas.


This is a picture taken in Central Park in New York City courtesy of Wiki and is in the public domain. It is a picture of a Gothic arch bridge spanning the bridle path south of the tennis courts. When I was in New York back in 1986 I was able to do a bit of site-seeing but the closest I go to Central Park was the Plaza Hotel.

One of the things that amazed me while I was there was the eclectic mix of architecture. That same mix is also shown in the inhabitants of New York, the true melting pot of United States society.

If you are coming to the U.S. but don’t want to deal with the hassle of the big city there is always the option of getting a cheap flight to Orlando and going to Disney or one of the other big area attractions, or maybe just nap during the day and lie out by the pool in the evenings for a pretty relaxing time.

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  • Rich is a very good guy. He would never hurt anyone on purpose.. This was a tragic accident. He loved his kids. I can;t believe people like this would judge others. I don’t see people making comments about the women who killed her daughter and deyed it.
    here is something you can read: The comment that written in the paper about how they don’t like there daughter being over there. MEaning the across astreet neighbor girl. She was always over there. She still goes over there. Her parents have guns in the house and the father has been drinking. He spends his time over seas. So how can someone talk when he don’t spend time with his own kid and leaves her at school so he can do his own thing when he is around. Go figure. People want to judge everyone else. Mother is no good. They always make there problems into someone elses problems.

  • An accident is when you trip and break something. Playing with a loaded gun while drinking isn’t an accident, it’s fucking stupidity and in this case had devastating results. I’m sure he wouldn’t hurt anyone on purpose either but the end is the same as if he had put a loaded gun to her head and pulled the trigger.

  • Playing with a loaded gun while drinking and in the presence of your children is more than fucking stupidity! Did you know, Erika, that one of those children doesn’t even belong to him?!?!? The oldest child happens to be my nephew, his mother used to be married to my brother. Did you also know that no one contacted my family after this tragedy occurred??? That my nephew was in the house when his half-sister had her head blown off??? That the youngest child, being only 3, was in the same room and WATCHED his father blow his sister away??? How about the fact that the police found 16 other LOADED weapons in the house, some in the bedroom, some in the kitchen and others in the garage, most right out in the open where anyone could grab them?!?!? How can you say any of that is an accident!!! Peters and his wife let the two boys be taken away by Child Protective Services instead of calling my brother, the oldest son’s father, to come take him home. My brother had to find out from CPS TWO WEEKS LATER that his son was removed from the home and why! THAT COULD HAVE BEEN MY NEPHEW THAT GOT KILLED!!!!!! We didn’t even know there were guns in the house, let alone that the children were handling them and were in the vacinity when the guns were being handled!
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  • Angry Aunt – If your family is so great, why did it take your brother two weeks to find out that his son had been removed? Aside from the obvious (how great a dad are you when you don’t talk to your kid for 2 weeks?), this case got TONS of media attention – all mentioning that the other two kids were removed. How could he not have heard? Unless (as it seems) he really didn’t have any contact… quit grasping for your 5 minutes of fame. You weren’t the victim here, Stormy was.

  • My family is not a victim?!?!?!? You don’t know anything about what my family has gone thru over the last couple of months! For your information, we live in Illinois and this happened in Washington. We don’t get local Washington news here! It took us two weeks to find out because my nephew’s mother LIED to the authorities by telling him that my brother has no contact (how great a mother is THAT!?!?). Child Protective Services had to get his info from my nephew’s school – and why do you think they tracked down my brother, because they wanted the child somewhere SAFE! My brother calls daily to talk to his son, but it’s kind of hard to talk to someone when you always get the answering machine and never get a return call!!! It’s not like we can just show up and knock on the door!!! Again, you don’t know anything about what my family has had to deal with, during this crisis or before that! I never said that Stormy wasn’t a victim, I was simply trying to point out that although this is a huge tragedy it could have been prevented, if not for the stupid mistakes made by both Richard Peters and his wife. Many lives are going to affected by this, there are many victims here!
    Next time you want to put your two cents in, make sure you have all the facts before you start talking crap!!!!

  • This is not about YOU. What kind of father that doesn’t contact his son???????? Who cares about her marrying the father. Why spread shit that doesn’t matter. Stormy is the one that matters.How do you know that they are bad people??? DID you live with them???? Did you go to there house??? Did you visit?????? DO you even live near them???? DO you believe everything that you read??? People are out there just for a story and make up more lies. Did you see the guns laying around the house with your own eyes?????? Did you know Stormy??? Is that all you care about is your story. How do you know that the family let CPS take the kids???? So go take a hike.

  • I do know the family for your information. Your brother never called HIS SON. HE didn’t even care for you guys anyway. I heard it right out of his mouth. So where do you get off saying shit that you don’t even know. I know that your the bad aunt. That puts shit in people heads. Why didn’t you guys visit when you where asked to????? Thats right 101 reasons why should I visit. RIght??? So you get your facts straight!!!!!! To quote you, make sure all of YOUR facts before YOU start talking about others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Believe what you want to believe. We have copies of all the police reports and the investigation from CPS so we know exactly what happened. I don’t have to defend myself or my family to you or to anyone else.

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