One thing I have noticed since I made the change that sped up commenting is that it is also re-indexing MUCH MUCH faster. It used to take about three or four minutes just to post an entry and that was on a good day. Now it’s more like 40 seconds. SWEET. I am very happy with that. Still having some problems with the Fast CGI implementation like I can’t log into the movabletype control panel now, but I sent tech support a ticket, hopefully they can get that fixed before I get home tomorrow morning.

I am so tired that I am beyond tired. This will probably be my last post tonight, which is not necessarily a bad thing since I have been posting like a monkey on crack the last hour.

RePete has a fever of about a hundred two tonight. She is sleeping, but also congested. What sucks is that tomorrow is a blackout day for me, meaning it is an absolute NO-NO to take the day off. She is going to have to go with me in the morning, since with tomorrow being graduation it’s not like the wife can take it off (she teaches). I will go in for about an hour in the morning and then head home. Hopefully I can get RePete a pretty early doctor’s appointment and get her looked at.

I almost got killed tonight. That wasn’t much fun. It’s a good thing I got new tires on the wife’s car a couple of weeks ago. I managed to get home about six this evening, and within a ten minute time period two people called in from the two stores where I have no managers today. That shit blows. I made this one girls cry. She called in right before her shift started, and I told her that if she was sick that was fine, I didn’t want her coming to work, but that if she was that sick she needed to go to the doctor, therefore she needed to bring me a doctor’s note stating that she couldn’t work. NOT a note saying she had been seen, but it needed to say that she couldn’t work tonight. She’s already missed one day this week and I am getting tired of this crap from the employees when their manager’s are off. My people didn’t pull that shit and stay employed long. Most of them rarely missed any work, and I knew that if they were out it was because they really were sick.

That’s about enough of the crack monkey posting tonight. More tomorrow…

Oh yeah, that train of thought got seriously derailed. Anyway, I had to drive to the town about fifteen mile south of where I live to pick someone up that was willing to work tonight, and on the way back I was doing about sixty, right behind another car. This dumb-fuck pulls out to cross the road right in between the first car and myself. I had to swerve way to the left to avoid slamming into the stupid fucker and if I had not had new tires I would have gone back off the road. Some people just don’t need to be driving. Had I been going a bit slower and not had a passenger I might have run into him just to get a new car, but I was late and needed to get this guy to work…

Now I really am done…later all and have a wonderful night.