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EasyToBook.com is a website that will allow you to book vacations in Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Rome. If you are thinking about taking a vacation in Europe or already live there and want to get away for the weekend, then you might just want to head on over to Easy To Book. Currently featured hotels include the Hotel Amstelzicht which is a 3 star hotel located right in the historical heart of Amsterdam behind the famed Rembrandtplein. Since it is so centrally located in the city it is great for tourists looking for shopping, museums and entertainment.

Another centrally located hotel is the Apple Inn Hotel Amsterdam which sits opposite the Vondelpark right in the cultural area of Amsterdam. Most of the famous tourist attractions in Amsterdam are within walking distance to the hotel and many more are fairly close by. Amsterdam is a pretty cool place to visit, and one of those cities that I want to go to when I can eventually retire. Amsterdam is a unique city that is a melting pot of many different cultures and styles.

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