Yeah, this has been an extremely long hard week. All I am thinking about is vacation time. I have had to bump mine from the scheduled week in the middle of June to just after Independence Day. I don’t remember the last time that I actually took a vacation in July. It’s been quite a while though.

Any time that I start looking for a vacation spot I get online and the first thing I do is look at the places I know I can’t afford. Stupid, huh? I have actually found some pretty good deals this way, some of them I CAN actually afford. Before the end of the year the wife and I will have up to date passports, as with the new job I will be able to travel a bit. The trick is to get the extra time off, but with the addition of one ten day vacation each year that pretty much solves the time-off issue as well.

A friend of ours from that we met back in September of last year in Helen lives in Canada. There are always pretty cheap flights to Canada to be found, particularly in the fall and winter. I tend to try and visit places in the non-touristy season because rates are always the best then. There are also some really good rates on flights to Caribbean areas right now as well, even though it’s still pretty busy down there in the summer.

I would really like to get down to the Caribbean at some point, or if not, then at least Key West or the surrounding areas. What would be really cool is to have a blogmeet down there. Get some of the Jawja bloggers down there as well as some of the others that I know from overseas. It would be a blast. They should be able to get decent flights to USA airports at a good rate right now too.

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  • Veva is my friend and I was isabella’s foster mother. She became a holeer roller with the bible stuff. what a nightmare. still writing her and no I am not being politically correct. i am angry and upset. Miss my Isabella.

  • I am Vevas youngest sister with a child Bellas age and I am hurt and pissed and more but dont wanna go on about it. I am so sorry that my Niece of all people was the one that got hurt in all this but it should of never been this way, she was supposed to outlive me and her other aunts and Unlces. How can some one kiil such an innocent little girl just because of their life and sickness. Bella got caught up in lies and bullshit that she should of never even been around. It is sad that this has happened and I will never forgive my sister for taking away such a sweet little girl that I never even got to meet. I will meet her in heaven one day though. I love you and miss you so very much my little Bella Bug. Love your Auntie and Cusion Angel and Melissa. You are forever in our hearts and thoughts. You will never be forgotten.

  • I am so sorry for the lose of your precious Bella. It’s such a tragedy that she lost her life at 3, especially at the hands of her Mom. Social Service sucks, they are either too late, too slow, not working, not following up, not caring etc. Similar situations have happen in many of our families, even mine. Our family situation didn’t end in death, but it could have if we waited on social service. Not saying that it’s all of there fault, but the system fails us quite a bit. And mental illness can’t be the crutch to lean on for excuses either. God Bless Your Family, you’ll get through it, and see cute Bella again.

  • We are getting ready for court trial PRELIM. on WENS. No sight of her “LOVING” but her absent family. Rich her husband is doing his best to keep veva from killing herself.her poor brother and sister in law are the only ones I sincerly see trying to better their lives and be good parents. veva was a abused kid from a family that only understands survival …its no wonder they never had it in them to work harder and be less selfish or lazy…veva was on her own with this sickness and they had nothing to contribute….same story..diff day………Funny to see bella spoken about by veva’s family members that act like the cared enough to know this baby. i wondered for yrs. where anyone was or if anyone cared…where were thee people and why didn’t they care before… ridiculous! how many letters have they written their sick sister? no one cared in that family and this is why veva was so victimized thoughout her life…why did they not protect veva from the things that eroded her mind…..I saw it happen. veva’s former mother im law is the worst ever…shame on you CYNDRA WILLIAMS!! SHAME!!!! if anyone loves bella then how about asking how you can SAVE her other little sister…LILY..she is in BAD HANDS too…How about that? Family????????????? that is what drove Veva crazy…knowing where her other little girl was stuck living. Not any better than Veva grew up…second thought….Only Mark & DORI or myself would give the kid half a chance…truth!!

  • i read that this woman asked 2 motel employees for help and pleaded with one of them to take her baby. why isn’t anyone concerned about that? if these 2 women aren’t going to receive charges for failure to report a child in danger then they should have to answer to the public. if they would have reacted this little girl would not have died that day in the motel room. i hope these b****es are forever haunted by the face of the baby whose life they could have saved.

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