Shorts in a Wad…

…not really but that is the title for the inestimable Elisson’s new book! woohoo. It is a collection of 100 of his 100 word stories. If you have had a chance to read them over at hos site you know exactly what I am talking about.


Shorts in a Wad: One Hundred 100-Word Stories is the title and it’s also the link to where you can purchase it on Amazon…go check it out.

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    Cowards die many times before their actual deaths.
    Julius Caesar
    Trackposted to Outside the Beltway, Rosemary’s Thoughts, Maggie’s Notebook, Adam’s Blog, Right Truth, Shadowscope, Stuck On Stupid, Conservative Cat, Adeline and Hazel, …

  • His Teachers Confirmed Obama Was a Registered Musl

    It really shouldn’t matter to Americans that Barry Soetoro (aka: Barack Obama) was once registered as a Muslim when he was a mere child living in Indonesia. So why is his campaign still going out of its way to dispel the truth???

  • Hillary Clinton, Chris Matthews and MSM Perpetuate

    …Hillary removed impeachment documents concerning Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas from a place accessible to the public to her own office, or a House Judiciary committee office, where they were no longer public.
    FLASHBACK: Former Clinton …

  • Real Life Experiences

    I want to share three little life experiences with you. The first happened Monday at Baptist Hospital in Nashville. After a two hour drive, I got to the hospital, went inside and stopped at the ‘little girl’s room’ before going

  • CPUSA supports Clinton or Obama, and Card Check

    This year the Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA) is powered by big labor and their demand for the Orwellian “Employee Free Choice Act,” also called “Card Check,” which claims to increase democracy in the workplace by taking away…

  • Checking Hell’s temperature, as the 9th Circuit Court Upholds Ten Commandments display

    Via Stop the ACLU:
    Flying pig moment: The infamously liberal 9th Circuit Court actually gets one right!
    The court found that the monument did not have a solely religious purpose. “Nothing about the setting is conducive to ge…


    Question: What would you do if you could go back in time and do one thing to alter history?
    I see this guy all the time when I watch those awesome shows about the Universe, our Galaxy etc.  From what I can tell, he’s waaaaaayyyyyy smarter than …

  • Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

    I have almost always been fiercely pro-life in my views.  I can’t see any good reason for a woman to have an abortion and would like to see this horrendous practice banished from the face of the earth.  So yesterday, when I saw the headline abo…

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