Customer Relationship Management

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Anyone familiar with CRM and customer relationship management knows that it can be tricky to get the right package for their business. CRM software is generally top heavy, complex and confusing to the very people that have to use it. The great majority of customer relationship management software packages that are available today for enterprise solutions don’t have as much benefit for the people using it as they don’t understand it or even use most of the features.

AIMpromote gets rid of the hard parts for sales teams and allows them to learn the features quickly and easily so that they can actually USE the software. AIMpromote also offers a 14-Day full featured trial which should be more than enough time to fully appreciate the power in this software package.

One of the things that is really nice for supervisors is that they can set it up so that only the team leaders have access to all features and members of the sales team will only be able to access the parts that are pertinent to what they are doing. This leads to much less confusion as they will only see the parts that are actually going to be used in day-to-day operations.

Check out AIMpromote and sign up for their 14-Day free trial to see why AIMpromote is a technology leader in sales lead management.

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