Jessica Alba Attends FF4 Premier

Not that I post a lot of news about celebrities or anything, but damn thats a nice dress 🙂

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  • The feds have been out to get the FLDS for some time now. The depth of their dislike, or is it fear of, this group is now being displayed in the total trampling of laws and rights to get to them. Oh I’m sure they will come up with someone whom they will say made the “call” they got asking for help. These poor people have now been uprooted from their society and thrust into a world they obviously didn’t feel was fit to live in. The real “trauma” to those poor kids won’t be the life they have been ripped from, it will be the countless hours of “therapy” to get them to conform to how “normal” society wants them to think. With that will come a realization that everything they believed in and everything they have known thus far is scorned by their “rescuers”. Left alone to live their lives in the FLDS society they wouldn’t have known any different, and now they must go through the trauma of realizing they don’t fit in with the rest of the world. I ask you, how is that a good thing? I also ask you, what does it matter to you what these people believe in, even if it runs counter to what you believe in? And finally, how does what they do in their society impact you in any way, shape or form – where they personally bothering you in some way? Perhaps it would have been best to simply leave them alone.

  • State of Texas a Danger to Children?

    The mothers of all children five and older were separated from them on Monday. FLDS members say that the mothers returned to the compound but child protective services is saying that six women had gone to the safe house. They also moved the kids to a l…

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