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That was weird. I can get to it now, so it was only down for a few minutes. Maybe they had to reboot the server. Weird time to be doing that crap though. It’s extremely laggy though.

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  • Otty Sanchez was a Jehovah’s Witness — as was her own mother. Why has the media deleted that fact from most reports?
    Here is the first of 10 webpages devoted to murders and other crimes committed by JWs:

  • This only goes to show that their family had no idea that Otty has psychiatric problems. Only if they knew ahead of time, that kid could be alive. Otty Sanchez is going to go down in history as one of the sickest people perhaps ever on record. Police were called to her residence, where her 13 week old infant was discovered dead at the scene. San Antonio police have also revealed that the body had been mutilated, and partially eaten. Police from San Antonio, Texas, are still trying to discover why, but she has had a history of mental illness. Mo matter the frustration parents feel with their children, infanticide is among the most unspeakable taboos. Another high profile case was that of Andrea Yates, who is currently in a state mental institution. No amount of cash advances could make one fathom how Otty Sanchez could do that.

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