I should have been up 45 minutes ago. That’s one of the reasons I get up so early. It gives me a bit of cushion should I need to sleep in a bit. I tossed and turned and had a pretty hard time sleeping last night. I suppose I shouldn’t have had that darned nap yesterday afternoon.

I never have understood how people can regularly show up late for work. As a manager I generally cured that of 99% of my employees. The ones that can’t get to work on time just didn’t get the good hours and I eventually replace them. When people know upfront what you expect and you send them home once or twice for being late, either they find another job or show up on time.

It’s a bit more difficult since these folks have a set of managers between myself and them. I have sent several home already but it hasn’t fixed the problem so far, although a couple of them seem to have gotten the message. I will just keep on harping on them until they get it right. Being late is just one of those things that irritate the hell out of me. I’ve already had a couple of the folks that are consistently late come to me asking for raises and they were genuinely offended when I told them that I wouldn’t even consider going to bat for them when they can’t get to work on time. There are other issues involved as well, such as being lazy as hell, but showing up when they are supposed to is a bit part of it.

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