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Here’s the latest press release from PhotoFiddle:

Photographers, from pros to point & shoot alike, can now artistically enhance their digital pics and traditional photos into stylized photo art masterpieces on professionally stretched canvas using dozens of easy-to-create artistic designs, finishes and collage templates, online at

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About PhotoFiddle
PhotoFiddle, headquartered in Melville, New York, offers 3-4 day turnaround on customized photo art that users design online, at far less cost than custom framers or home design professionals. For more information visit:

Examples of work:

…and here are a couple of examples…

That’s pretty cool. But how do people or animals look?

I was pretty impressed checking out the website. You can order something as simple as an 8″ by 10″ or a behemoth as large as 6ft by 24ft. Holy cow! The also have live tech support during normal business hours, so go check it out and give them a chance.

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  • She had finally decided to leave, and he couldn’t stand it. He has been abusing her for years. His mother is now on some PR campaign to make it sound like she never knew anything was wrong, but she has known for 9 years that he was abusing Ashley. This was pure self-defense. So sad for all involved — nobody wins here.

  • who the …. gives a damn what happens 2 her i personally hope she dies in prison that biatch is really fuccked up up stairs n deserves whatever happens 2 her hopefully she burns in hell 4 ever !! the fuccking bich murdered sum1 hopefully they do whats right n leave her locked up 4 life its what the bitch has neede 4 a long while !! no 1 in their right mind really gives a …. whether or not she lives or dies GREG WHAS A GOOD FRIEND OF MINE R I P HOMMIE !!

  • The back brace was due to an auto accident not abuse and that can be checked out easily. The car was wrecked and they had to get another car.

    The article offers another side to the story. I’m not trying to be a “troll,” I’m just worried about people like the responder named “David” having any way of contacting or identifying me. You don’t have to post my comment, but I thought the article might shed a little more light on the situation. The truth will be somewhere in the middle of all of the coverage, but I’ve known Ashley’s family in passing for 5 years, and this has never been a secret. It’s a devastating situation for all involved.

  • Thanks for the link. I also think it will be somewhere in the middle and unfortunately while it may have seemed like a necessary thing to Ashley nobody deserves to die like that. If she was abused I feel for her but she needs to be punished for the murder.

  • Wow David! The language that you used and the way you spoke is a real eye opener! I of all people understand loss because I had a brother murdered. It is very normal to upset, angry, and to lash out but your comments are VERY inappropriate and distasteful. The fact that Greg (Hommie as you put it) was your very good freind and you speak of a woman in the manner that you did on this post REALLY leads me to believe he was abusive. You can learn a lot about people from their freinds. I am sorry for both families and for Ashley and Greg but remember there are two sides to every story and you have no right to judge! It’s not up to you.

  • The story published in the sauk valley paper was one sided and none of the things stated was ever information that was given out to the public. SHe didn’t wear a back brace due to the accident had been wearing for many months prior. She had a major surgery on her back and for the rest of her life have to wear the brace for support periodically.


  • I know Ashley’s family, I’m not going to say how. I prefer to remain anonymous because I really am not interested in anyone knowing I have done this.
    Ashley’s family is definitely torn up about this as I am sure Greg’s is as well. It’s a tragedy no matter what really happened or led up to it.
    Of course her family is going to side with her, and his family is going to side with him. Isn’t that what family is supposed to do? Ashley’s family says that he beat her and threatened to kill her when she told him she was leaving him. That is inexcusable on his part. No man should raise his hand to a woman.
    However, the fact that she allegedly used three weapons to kill him and then inflicted wounds on herself and lied to police about what happened does not paint a picture of self-defense.
    The fact is, we will probably never know the “true” story. It’s just best to remember that behind the news stories there are two families trying to piece their lives back together.

  • How do you know that he abused her? Did you see him? Or did she post it. Unless you seen the abuse or you knew the two of them for the past 9 years. You could be total wrong.
    If abuse was happening she could of done something about it. I don’t believe everything that I read that is posted I go by facts. Why didn’t she call 911 when he was abusing her?
    Why did she lie about what happened to the police? If you are going by what someone says on line how do you know she was telling the truth?

  • This is a hard situation, as previously pointed out by other commentators. I was friend with BOTH Ashley and Greg, until 2002. In fact I lived with them for several months and witnessed things first hand. Neither party was perfect, as we are all only

  • hand several intimidating incidents between the couple. Prior to Gregs departure for bootcamp he and Ashley were arguing over a utility bill and he charged at her while she was standing on the stairs, another time he verbally degraded her in the middle of

  • of dinner with no reguard as to who the audience was. Now I had known Ashley since the 5th grade, and KNOW she was notorious for fabricating the truth for attention in school but I really dont think she was lying about this. She had tried to leave him

  • several times throughout the course of their marriage but Greg was her puppet master and knew which strings to pull that would make her stay. Ashley grew up in the church with strong convictions on what a marriage should and shouldnt entail. I honestly

  • believe her religious upbringing is what kept them together as long as they were. Greg was a GREAT guy as long as you werent his girlfriend/wife. Before Ashley had her surgery her self esteem was low, and its my opnion she only married Greg, and as

  • quickly as she did because she was worried no one else would romanticly love her, and as an overweight teen this way of thinking stands to reason. As far as her never placing a police report, again you have to understand her role models from childhood

  • were old fashioned Arkansas folk, she was raised with a mindset of it being improper to aire your dirty laundry. At one point she was madly in love with Greg, and again it is only my humble opnion but I wouldnt want to be the blemish on a man I once

  • loved permanent record. Im not saying what she did was right, but I am saying in her mind this was the only way out and the several failed attempts to previously leave probably only made her feel like she would fail again. Something inside her mind

  • snapped that night and she lost control of herself. In public Greg would appear attentive and affectionate but behind closed doors can live another side the public eye never sees…Im sorry I had to send so many comments but I am on my cell phone and it

  • to edit my comments into one well composed post. As a parent my heart goes out to both families as they have BOTH suffered a great loss, be it the death of a son or the long term imprisionment of your only child neither side has the upper hand.

  • side note: as Ashleys peer I saw her struggle with verbal altercations, and NEVER once did she have a physical altercation so perhaps the different multiple attacks bare relevence.

  • And to answer your question about why Greg only had ‘fat’ pictures of Ashley is because THAT was the Ashley he married, the Ashley he could manipulate and control. She physically changed but might have still been, mentally, fat Ashley.

  • Really was anyone there to see it all?? NO !! So think he is gone now and he fought for our freedom to come home and be murdered by the one who was suppose to love him forever…. If he beat her why didn’t she leave….she was strong enough to take his life no one can say she wasn’t strong enough to leave. His mother gave birth to him and raised him not to be murdered..

  • If you can say both families are suffering then leave his family in peace stop talking trash about him. He is gone and can no longer defend him self so all he has left to defend him is his family.

  • Stating truth is not talking trash it is the truth.I felt bad like I was bashing greg when I spoke to the det, but det Mangrum is right your only saying the truth. His family knows nothing about his and ashley relationship. Greg was not close to his family, and now they say they never knew there was problems. I wonder why?? In no way do I say what she did was right, totally wrong no one deserves that, But I will say this A person can only take so much before they hit breaking point!
    You can not sit back and say she should have left or whatever else , unless this is something you have been thru. Just because He defended our country dose not make him an outstanding person. Infact, that really means nothing, has no relavence

  • I agree. Cesar Laurean was a United States Marine (as is my son) but that makes Laurean no less a scumbag murderer. The fact that Greg was in the service is only incidental in this case and really doesn’t have any bearing at all on why Ashley killed him as far as we know and being in the service certainly doesn’t make you a better/worse husband.

  • perhaps that should imply i’m speeking ill of her as well? Well i’m not, i’m neutral. It was never my intention to hurt you or any other member of Greg’s family. I understand how hard this is on the families, I’m highly empathetic, and am sure you are ALL

  • perhaps that should imply i’m speeking ill of her as well? Well i’m not, i’m neutral. It was never my intention to hurt you or any other member of Greg’s family. I understand how hard this is on the families, I’m highly empathetic, and am sure you are ALL

  • perhaps that should imply i’m speeking ill of her as well? Well i’m not, i’m neutral. It was never my intention to hurt you or any other member of Greg’s family. I understand how hard this is on the families, I’m highly empathetic, and am sure you are ALL

  • swimming in a sea of mixed emotions at this time. The blogger simply had a few questions I merely tried to clarify. Let me point out I continued to stress it was only my opinion, which most people just consider food for thought and take it with a grain of

  • salt. I’m not Ashley so I really cant tell you why, exactly, she didnt leave, but I do have my speculations. I’m sure there are things about both Greg AND Ashely, as individuals, that neither of their parents knew: and perhaps for their sake it’s best

  • for things to stay that way. ‘We’ know our children arent perfect, but they are what God gifted to us and in ‘our’ eyes, as mothers and fathers our children are as close to perfect as it gets. It was stated that Ashley was strong enough to take his life

  • so no one can say she wasnt strong enough to leave, but thats two different types of so called strength. Depending on one’s individual perspective, the fact that she murdered him could be seen mor as a sign of weakness than one of strength. I know Ashley

  • tried to leave but never could get completely away. It takes a great deal of ‘strength’ to fully close the door on such a long term relationship, and the healing process is even harder!

  • In these dark days may your God keep you and comfort you ALL and lead BOTH families and friends to find peace in their hearts.

  • In these dark days may your God keep you and comfort you ALL and lead BOTH families and friends to find peace in their hearts. It was never my intention to inflict any more pain on his family, my deepest appologies *!*Nichole*!* and yes thats my REAL name

  • So you know I was in an abusive relationship and I left one day when he was not home I called my family we packed what mattered and I left. Taking his life should never have been a choice. Her friends and family should have helped her get away if there was a problem. Yes we all have a breaking point but does it have to end in murder??

  • Must I come on here and spill my guts???? Lets see if ANYONE really knew the true story we wouldnt be reading this blog.Nobody mentions the part that greg had ingested her meds and dont give the bullshit that she pOIsOned him.NO one can swallow 2 whole bottles of pills with out their own will.Or how bout the email that he sent that night to her AT WORK from his home computer telling her he was gonna kill her then himself.Must I go on???? Maybe she freaked out as who is to say what one would do after such severe mental and physical abuse and torture.REMEMBER he was military.He wanted to control her.Im sure being as smart as people think he was he used it to manipulate a perfectly dedicated wife to be with him.Also using his military skills call it that if u want I WOULDNT!!!! Maybe he just MAYBE he knew how to physically abuse her and not leave indentyfing marks.And as far as his mother well u can call her that if u want to treated ashley the same .his mother who made her stay in her basement when she visited also shows a pattern of SICK DIMENTED LIES that his family wants u to belive.LETS GET REAL IF A MAN 285LBS 6 4 BEATS A WOMAN AND SHE COMES HOME OR EVEN PLANS THIS .DO U REALLY THINK SHE SAYS HMMMMMMMMM I GONNA SLICE HIS THROAT THEN HIS WRISTS THEN GETA HAMMER. I THINK NOT!!!!!!!!! A TYPICAL PERSON WELLL A TYPICAL MURDERER WOULD BE ENRAGED ENOUGH TO STAB A PERSON..BUT BEFORE I FORGET GREG WAS A DAMN QUEER!!!!! QUEER U ASK YES I SAID QUEER FAG SICK PERSON WHO NEEDED HELP AND NEVER GOT IT FROM HIS FAMILY APPARENTLY. IN HIS LOCKED DRESSER DRAWERS TO WHICH HE ONLY HAD KEYS TO WOMENS UNDERWAER PANIES BRAS LINGERIE WAS FOUND!!!!!! NOT ASHLEYS BUT HIS OWN !!!! TO WHICH HE LIKED TO WEAR WHEN SHE WAS OUT…. I CAN ONLY IMAGINE WHAT KIND OF SICK INDIVIDUAL WOULD BEAT HIS WIFE THEN DRESS UP IN WOMENS PANIES AND BRAS ………….. ASHLEY IS ALIVE !!! HE IS DEAD !!!! BE GLAD IT WASNT YOUR DAUGHTER OR SISTER OR MOTHER OR AUNT OR FEMALE FRIEND.BECAUSE IF HE WAS WITH your FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER WOULDNT U HAVE DONE IT TO HIM……………………………………………………

  • The basement that Ashley stayed in was fancier than most homes. It was furnished and was fantastic. So please do not be mean with comments both sides are hurting.

  • Its funny how you can read everything that has been said and your comment is on a basement.Obviously you know them well or his mother well enough to have been in her basement.Its funny you dont defend his past actions or history of abuse.I invite you to share what you know as I am sitting on a pile of information.His mother recently visited Ashley in jail and……………………. Well what ?????? What do you think she had to say or what were here actions. Lets get all of the truth out !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Factually both parties are correct, the basement at gregs moms house was nicely furnished, pool table/bar/couch…and yes Greg did wear womens under garments, he claimed they were more supportive which most other men would say is total BS!

  • But its true. ebay account or credit card statements from 2000-2001 could and WOULD verify.

  • [quote]NO one can swallow 2 whole bottles of pills with out their own will.]
    Ever heard of grounding up pills and putting it in a person’s food. that’s common with people who have been intentionally poisned.
    how bout the email that he sent that night to her AT WORK from his home computer telling her he was gonna kill her then himself.Must I go on????
    It is possible to fake emails.
    [shows a pattern of SICK DIMENTED LIES that his family wants u to belive.]
    the same can be said about you and Ashley’s supporters wanting people to belive that a woman who stabbed a man multiple times THEN tried to cover up her crime acted ins self defense?. A person who kills in self defense, wouldn’t have to lie about what happened to the cops. If that had been your son, I’m sure you would have the same feelings that his mother has.

  • crystal,
    just out of curiousity did u know greg? If so im sorry.I knew them both,Its kinda hard to swallow 2 or 3 bottles of pills crushed and not know whats going on.Or have u been abused by your husband for almost t en years?what would u do?

  • just so your aware greg has swallowed bottles of pills before when he and ashley had seperated, military personnel were alerted and he was taken to the military hospital to get his stomach pumped.

  • He was not abusing her or she would have reported it. You are telling me that a friend of theirs would live with them for 5 years while he was abusing her. She also drugged him and killed him in his sleep does that sound like self defense I think not. He couldn’t even defend himself there was not one single defense wound on him and he was twice the size. And then she crawls across the yard in her underwear with her dog sying she had been raped she planned the whole thing. She is sick that is all there is to it. If you kill someone in self defense you don’t drug him, buy a ball pin hammer and hit him with it over 20 times and stab him over 30 time with 2 different knives that is no self defense I have ever heard of.

  • She didn’t have to kill him there is a thing in this country called divorce or maybe even just leave there are no kids involved.

  • The military would have medically discharged him then if that were the case. I was military and they would have discharged him due to mental anguish someone with mental issues is not allowed to be in the military.

  • well then the military has come a long way since u were lasted enlisted, they even counsel PTSD patients, if u develope a mental illness while enlisted they will help u not make it worse by kickn u out! but a mental problem prior2 enlistment is different

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