Today Was Interesting…

Rather than tell my manager that has time-management issues what to do this morning and then listen to why it didn’t get done I forced the issue. Since I have another manager off today I showed up at his store at 6am, changed the drawer, pulled whatever food I thought he would need today, locked him out of the office and store room and took the keys with me. That forced him to stay out in the front of the restaurant rather than doing stuff in the back. I did give him a short list of things to do before I returned, of which NOTHING was done but I think he did get the message.

I am still trying to find some way to motivate him. He likes to be the victim, so money apparently doesn’t do it. I know he likes gadgets. Maybe I should offer him my iPaq if he runs the numbers that I need him to. At this point I don’t give a fuck. He and I are going to make money out of his store even if I have to force him to.

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